The Village Play Area

The village is fortunate in having a modern play area and cyclogym (bike track to you and I), situated at the end of Brimbles. It was opened in the Spring of 2007 at a cost of over £50,0000, much of which was raised in the village, plus grants from the Liveability Fund and DEFRA.
The Play Area is managed by the Parish Council.
If there are any matters you wish to bring to their attention please contact Paul Lane on 01963 362707

The Play Area at Brimble Cottages – a brief history
Play facilities on land at Brimble Cottages had been discussed at Parish Council meetings for many years, impeded by uncertainty about the future of the site and the difficulty obtaining grant funding for short term leases.

In 1994 Anna Lane organised a petition which was presented to the Parish Council with 102 signatures which started the project, partly funded by the District Council Capital Project and also local fund raising. This led to the first playarea being built on redundant garden plots with a 21 year lease from North Dorset District Council. Many people worked very hard and help was generously given until the play area finally opened in July 1995, managed by a committee who handed over responsibility to the Parish Council in 1999.

The shelter was built in 2004 with funding from the North Dorset Safety Funding Partnership and much local fundraising. The design was copied from a shelter in Marcham in Oxfordshire, the plans and specification were generously given by Marcham Parish Council.

With the realistic life of the wooden play equipment coming to an end, the Liveability Fund launched by North Dorset District Council in 1994 was the opportunity to replace and enlarge the play facilities. With Maggie Buckler as Chair, the new committee was formed in 2004. This was followed by more hard work by many people, and again generous gifts of professional expertise, leading up to the first phase on the existing site being opened with a Party in the Park in 2006. Phase 2, the extension, was completed with a cycle track in 2007. The current lease runs until 2033.

The Parish Council is now responsible for the maintenance and weekly safety inspections are carried out in accordance with R.O.S.P.A. requirements.