Stourton Caundle


Welcome to our village


Village Noticeboard


Although we used to have three village noticeboards, and now we have two, The Stourton Caundler committee thought it would be also good to have a virtual Noticeboard on our website. If you would like to post some item of interest, news of a forthcoming event, or have something you wish to sell locally or even possibly give away then do get in touch by sending a message to our webmaster's email address. Thank you.


People interested in following up an advert or other item on the Noticeboard can also email the webmaster.



Sherborne Area Community Kindness

During the COVID-19 lockdown, people within our community volunteered to assist others as part of the then 'Sherborne Viral Kindness' initiative. Subsequently, as restrictions were eased many of the volunteers returned to work. However, recently there has been an upsurge in the need for help within our communities. If you would like to volunteer in an organised way, details have been advertised through the Sherborne Area Community Kindness group.



Last updated: 04 October 2020